The ice cube machine frame is comprised of 304 stainless steel, for high quality. With a unique tank design, it will clean the inner body automatically. The ice cube making machine has been tested to ensure compliance with the QS inspection standards.

The direct evaporated type ice block machine features high output and quick freezing time. It freezes the ice without the help of any additional chemicals. The mold for this ice shape is made from Aluminum plate, and the machine frame adopts stainless steel.

This ice block machine is used for making ice from brine water. The ice mold is made from SUS304 anticorrosive stainless steel plate having been specially treated. The ice maker is distinguished for low energy consumption, convenient maintenance, high reliability, and great output.

The Koller tube ice machine is ideal for any food processing factory to produce edible ice. It features small space, low cost, and high refrigeration efficiency. The machine body is made from 304 stainless steel plate.

Koller has sourced components from Germany to produce a high quality flake ice machine. This machine features high speed ice making and great operating efficiency. Ice produced by this equipment features rounded edges, so it won’t hurt the food to be refrigerated.

Our ice crusher is especially designed for MB series ice maker. It features user-friendly operation. Made from 304 stainless steel, it is of high corrosion resistance and can be used for over 10 years.

Koller specially designed our, cold room, to store food for long periods. It features high economic efficiency and stable technical performance. With an automatic control system, the cold room can control the temperature and remove the frost automatically.